Thank you for your testimonials, it is heartwarming and gives me the joy of doing this fascinating work. 

Business coaching

I had difficulty speaking in the political sector, because it is an environment where people tend to put themselves forward and it is a way of doing that I do not necessarily like, hence the blocking. After a few sessions with Patricia, I regained confidence in my potential to bring great values ​​through speaking in this particular environment. I gained confidence and thank her for her know-how, her patience, her spirit of synthesis, and her professionalism.


Life coaching

I really enjoyed this coaching experience with Patricia. She guided me until I clicked at the end. The apple was cut in half and since our session, I am less overwhelmed by my emotions and my situation.


Thank you Patricia, you were able to help me find and use my own resources. 


I felt really good since the consultation. Since then I practice relaxation and I feel very peaceful. Thanks Patricia. 


Patricia helped me understand the imbalance between my personal and professional goals. She also helped me find concrete tools to achieve my ideal. Humanly, she is a very attentive, kind person who knows how to put you at ease in addition to being very professional. 


Therapeutic chant

The therapeutic singing treatment with Patricia allowed me to discover parts of me hitherto unknown. She guided me in moments of vulnerability, with her experience in hypnosis and all her benevolence so that the work is done as close as possible to my own nature. I am grateful to her and recommend her to everyone. Her voice and way is magical, she carries yours and makes resonate in you and outside you what is hidden and what is true. Many thanks to her and her therapeutic singing service.