What if you spread your wings?

Interactional Coaching, NLP Coaching, Hypno-therapy

Right now, you may be at a crossroads in your life. You may need clarity to make a decision, to welcome the change, but you feel like you are at a dead end. Or maybe the fear of the unknown, of the next day, or the fear of what people might think prevents you from taking action. Coaching is a good way to identify the problem, clarify a goal, and take action.

NLP master practitioner, certified coach, and certified Hypno-practitioner, I support you on your personal journey towards the achievement of a goal and well being. It is not always easy to see clearly, especially when the stress is intertwined with the fear of the unknown. Clarity brushes off the fear and makes room for unlimited possibilities.


Exciting but not always easy to change country, to find your place in this new culture, to forge strong and lasting bonds. 

Goal achievement

Step by step with the help of a coaching I support you in achieving your goal. Clarify, find the necessary motivation and implement actions until its execution (decision making, exam, competition, presentation, interview, weight loss, reorganization …).

Behavioral change and phobia treatment

An unpleasant situation is repeated and you would like it to stop. Or it is a behavior that you would like to stop or put in place. You are prone to phobias and this prevents you from achieving things in your life.


Thank you Patricia, you were able to help me find and use my own resources. 


I have felt really good since the consultation. Since then I practice relaxation and I feel very peaceful. Thanks Patricia.


Patricia helped me understand the imbalance between my personal and professional goals. She also helped me find concrete tools to achieve my ideal. Humanly, she is a very attentive, kind person who knows how to put you at ease in addition to being very professional.


I had difficulty speaking in the political sector because it is an environment where people tend to put themselves forward and it is a way of doing that I do not necessarily like, which explains the blockage. After a few sessions with Patricia, I regained confidence in my potential to bring great values ​​through speaking in this particular environment. I gained confidence and thank her for her know-how, her patience, her spirit of synthesis, and her professionalism.


Let’s create something together.