Every problem has its solution. Every disease has a remedy. (Haitian proverb)

Franco-Haitian, born in Paris, an accountant by trade with more than 17 years of career, I am passionate about travel, culture, science, the functioning of the human being and the list goes on. Curious, I studied languages ​​at the University of Paris X, I got very interested in psychology and ethnology. A few years later, I entered ISFJ journalism school and did a few years as an editor for magazines. One thing was missing. How was I going to provide concrete help or change? 

It is therefore natural that NLP, coaching, Ericksonian hypnosis has emerged as well as the profession of a coach. This fulfills most of my expectations and is in perfect harmony with my core values. Through this job, I keep expanding my field of competence and knowledge that can be transposed into my everyday life. The most beautiful and the most rewarding is that it allows me to support my peers towards a better being. These tools are like a fire in the night, or a compass when you are lost in the forest or at sea.

Trained in brief therapies, certified as a coach, NLP master, and practitioner in Ericksonian hypnosis, I am delighted to support individuals, managers, entrepreneurs towards their solutions, and the achievement of their objectives.

The benefits of business coaching 

  • Coaching of executives and managers: creating a vision and getting people to join, lead and motivate towards this vision
  • Performance coaching: charisma, public speaking, oral and written expression
  • Coaching of interpersonal skills: communication, conflict management, motivation and team development
  • Team coaching: bringing the team to the best use of collective intelligence, identifying the levers of motivation, generating the synergy of talents.

The benefits of individual coaching

  • Professional project: change of position, promotion, creation of a company.
  • Development of interpersonal skills: communication, conflict management, charisma, public speaking, written, and oral expression.
  • Preparation for a change of situation: retirement, moving, marriage, divorce, maternity/paternity, a period of unemployment.

The coachee quickly notices the progress towards his objectives and the improvement of his well-being.

The benefits of therapy via NLP, Hypnosis and therapeutic singing

  • Fears (Reduce anxiety and anxiety phobias)
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence (Finding harmony with oneself)
  • Stress management
  • Preparation for exams, interviews
  • Overcome your fears or limits

Hypnosis and NLP fit harmoniously into a life coaching framework.

The accompaniments can be done in French, English and Spanish.

I look forward to our meeting

You will find me as a coach within the Coach & Co group of Lausanne Coaching Saturdays. Click on the following link to find out more. https://www.coachlausanne.ch/patricia-domond/

And also on the Joies d’Avalon site in Lausanne. https://lesjoiesdavalon.ch/activite/

I am looking forward to meet you

You will find me within the Coach & Co des Samedis Du Coaching de Lausanne. Click on the following link. https://www.coachlausanne.ch/patricia-domond/

And also within Les Joies d’Avalon https://lesjoiesdavalon.ch/activite/