Business coaching

Work with pleasure…

Because our work life can also become pleasant.

With«Coaching Pro» you will receive a customized coaching from 7 to 10 sessions to unlock a specific situation, overcome your fear, take action and achieve a specific goal.

In 10 sessions, Marie has overcome her fear of speaking in public by becoming aware of her rich potential and resources. She was able to free herself from her paralyzing stress and finally made a sensation during her speech in front of the assembly. Marie arrived in the second round of the elections.

A real success! Goal achieved.


Inspire and engage Improve your managerial posture your communication. Support the development and fulfillment of each employee. Commit your teams to the company’s vision to act collectively.


Mobilize your resources Improve your public speaking. Manage your stress better. Find your way. Find motivation. Rebalance your time according to your priorities (work life balance) .

Business owner

Adapt to your new role Embody your new leadership posture. Communicate your vision. Carry your project. Talking about money or selling makes you uncomfortable or maybe you feel like you’re not up to the task (impostor syndrome).

Let’s create something beautiful together.